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Henna Powder /100gr

100 gr

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Henna is a natural dye pigment extracted from reducing the henna plant to a fine green powder. Women used this plant to dye everything and anything from body to hair to clothes. In Morocco especially, women are so used to applying a Henna mask on their hair and body each time they go to the Hammam. And there is a reason behind this that none of them can explain but we will certainly give you more information so you can dye and treat wisely.

Henna  works as a coat that sits on the outside of the hair cuticle preventing any damage and at the same time giving you a nice bright color. The Henna coloration is obviously not permanent. However, the more it is used the more it gives brighter and shinier healthy hair as opposed to the chemical hair dyes which become dull after each shampoo. Henna actually not only works as a hair dye, but also protects the hair follicles and strengthens the hair use after use.

 In special occasions, Henna was also used as body art and as an alternative to permanent tattooing. Henna contains dyeing elements and tanning agents, gum, organic acids, vitamins C and K. Applied on full body, it actually treats skin conditions and acts as a natural skin nourish and protection. However, if you want to use it on your body without getting tanned, we suggest to apply it not more than 5 minutes before washing it off.

100% Pure Moroccan Henna

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