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The Black Seed Oil (Nigella Oil) benefits and uses

The Black Seed Oil (Nigella Oil) benefits and uses

There are some oils that are so precious you wouldn't dare use . But we dare you to use this one ! The Black Seed Oil also called Nigella oil, a bit less known than its cousin the Argan Oil but so useful nonetheless.


The Black Seed oil is extracted from black nigella seeds and is generally used in cosmetics as an emollient base. Since ancient times, the black seeds themselves were used as a remedy for different illnesses but also as prevention. The black Nigella seeds have a particular shape with a black rough outside which has a very particular fragrance when crushed .


This same fragrance is transferred to the cosmetic oil and makes it particularly nice to use as a face moisturizer. And speaking of moisturizing Black Seed oil is a deep penetrating oil that will relax and deeply moisturize the surface of your skin. It is particularly recommended for very dry and irritated skin. Because of its calming and soothing effect, the oil can also be used on hair to soothe irritated hair scalp.


The oil is composed of different oligo-element and carotenoides that prevent the free radicals from attacking the surface of the skin. These same carotenoides play an excellent role in preventing the early appearance of wrinkles.


On top of its topical benefits , this oil can be used as an anti-rheumatismal massage as it has analgesics that calm and soothe any deep pain. It will also relieve muscular pains and cramps after a heavy workout. So next time you are in such pain think of heading to IZIL store to get yourself a small but useful bottle of the black oil.


IZIL has also introduced this oil in one of their soaps , so you can also benefit from this oil when you are washing your face. Check for black seed handmade soap available now at Izil for 60 AED.

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