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Do you really need a toner ?

Do you really need a toner ?

Do we really need that many beauty products ??! ..this is a skin reality everyone of us faces, the need to cut time spent on applying all kinds of products and on the other hand wanting a perfect , baby like and glowing skin. To cut short , do you really need a toner before applying your skin cream Sorry to disappoint but its a definite YES!


In todays polluted environments our skin is subject to all kinds of dirt. Sometimes even after perfect cleaning, you will still get some dirt coming on your cotton pad. So think of a toner as a perfect clean solution but not only. A good toner will definitely free your skin from the fine particles of make up and dirt that were still left after cleaning. And on top a good toner will obviously wake up your skin and make it prepared to absorb the good nutrients coming from the next skin care. The toning lotion is also good to refine the appearance of the pores and will give a smooth like touch to the skin. Some toners also are made to rebalance the PH of the skin.


How to choose a good toner then ? A good toner has all of these following qualities. The one that has natural ingredients. The second criteria is it should be a harsh-less formula without any alcohol. And a third parameter is to choose a toner that will have hydrating ingredients to help boost the effect of the daily cream.


IZIL, newly introduced a full range of toner lotions that we definitely invite you to try. Made out of 100% natural ingredients , alcohol free and paraben free, both the Orange Blossom Mist and the Rose Water Mist have formulas to die for. While the orange blossom will be mostly used to refresh and tone a dull skin, the rose water mist is a staple for dry skin to restore hydration.


Both Orange Blossom Mist and the Rose Water Mist available at Izil store for 75AED each. You can also shop them through the online store :

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