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Akar Fassi (5g)

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The Moroccan Natural Lipstick

Aker fassi is the berber woman's lipstick. A natural, vegan terra-cotta lip stain for your cheeks and lips from Moroccan traditions.

If you aren’t already familiar with it, aker fassi is a natural product.

It’s traditionally used in North Africa and especially Morocco, it is made from poppy powder and naturally dried pomegranate rind.

This powder is then used by Moroccan women for makeup and hair care.

Why to use it:

  • The poppy petals are rich in active ingredients, which provide moisturizing, softening and anti-wrinkle properties.
  • Aker fassi also has antioxidant,calming andsoothing estates because it contains flavonoids and alkaloids.
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It can be use for haircare.

If mixed with henna, it increases the shininess and softens the hair.

For a natural makeup, as a blusher and lipstick. it could be mixed with vaselineand simply applied with a brush, a cotton swab or even your fingers.

Always be sure to take a small amount every time, as it can dry very quickly and the color is buildable.

In body care, if mixed with rhassoul clay which enhances the skin clarity and elasticity, aker fassi gives a naturalbrightened complexion and soft skin.


The Natural Lipstick

Complete list of ingredients:

Punica granatum, Papaver Atlanticum

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